♡ Digital illustrator ♡


  • photoshop

  • clip studio paint

  • needle felting

  • after effects

  • adobe premiere

  • anthro artwork

  • anime/manga art style

  • basic animation

  • basic video editing

digital artist who specializes on primarily known for "kemono" styled furry and innovated anime manga styled artwork.

7 years experience in working on commission art

My name is Jessica Chacon (21yrs) I started digital art back in 2011 when my father bought my older sister a tablet for the first time, as I played with it I ended up discovering social media and shared my art since. ! have a huge interest in futuristic, nostalgic, cute stuff, and whismical themes. my art is what many would call anime or manga styled. I like to put in elegiac auras into my art sometimes, strange godly references and stuff its weird but I see such things as a beautiful form of art. these themes affect my human art heavily.

I use to draw furries all the time, now I only draw it for commission purposes since its what I was mainly known for, a kimono styled furry artist.

I recently learned needle felting, for now I create adorable needle felted dolls without even planning most of the time since it's more fun to create as I make.

in high school I was lucky able to be accepted into the art academy which is an art ap class where I learned watercolor and stuck with it for the rest of the 4 years for personal projects, I even won two awards which helped me stay motivated.

right now I am attending community college, working hard to get certificates, university and art schools are expencive! during those times, I learned and gained experience in oil paint.

I hope that someday I will make merchandize using my artwork for I want to be more than what I am now.

Furry commissions

  • Flat colored -- 35$

  • Shaded -- 45$

  • full colored -- 85$

  • complexity fee -- +10$ -- 20$

all range from half to full depending on client demand

prices shown are used for personal use only, commercial use must be discussed with me privately as well as large projects

Contact me at [email protected]

Furry needle felted art doll

Base size 7-7.5 inch
Chibi felt doll 190$ base price

base includes

  • black teddy glass eyes

  • Short hair tuff

  • Chest Fluff

  • short tail

  • long tail (moveable)


  • Hand painted glass eyes +10$

  • Wings +20$

  • Medium Hair +20$

  • Long hair +30$

  • Horns+10$

  • Color/marking complexity +30$

  • Size up to 10in doll +100$

All dolls are made of 100% wool